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Organic direct-trade coffee that comes from the region of Intag in the province of Imbabura, Ecuador. This specialty Arabica coffee is shade grown at high altitudes, which also makes it bird-friendly.

Cloudforest Coffee is based in Ottawa, and our Roastery is in Hull, QC. This tasty coffee is purchased from a farmers cooperative called AACRI. The cooperative was started as an alternative to mining development in the region. The community has been resisting against mining companies for over twenty years. The cultivation of organic coffee provides an economic alternative to destructive mining for folks living in the region. Grown in a cloud forest valley nestled in the western slopes of the Ecuadorean Andes, it has a totally unique taste. You can place an order and have coffee delivered to your home or business. Delivery is free if you are located in Ottawa/Hull. Let the scent of freshly roasted coffee fill the room as your brew up a cup of the Cloudforest.

Support this community of farmers in their quest for sustainability and environmental justice and enjoy a wonderful Ecuadorian coffee!

About Cloud Forest Coffee
We stand in solidarity with the farmers that grow this wonderful coffee. By purchasing these beans we are supporting this community of farmers in Ecuador, and their resistance to mining corporations. Cloudforest Coffee is grown in the remote mountain valley of Intag, which is one of the ten most biologically diverse regions in the world.

The quality and exquisite flavor of this coffee comes from the way it has been cultivated, processed, and roasted. It is carefully shade-grown under native trees in the pristine cloud forest. It is grown at high altitudes, between 500 and 2000 meters above sea level. The coffee is grown in a way that respects the environment. The farmers use organic bio-fertilizer to help their plants grow while preserving the soil. It is totally artisanal from planting to roasting. The beans are sun-dried and roasted carefully in small batches to preserve their quality. By forming a cooperative, the farmers receive a better price for their work. Direct trade supports their communities and allows people to show solidarity with them in their struggle to create a decent standard of living while also keeping their environment pure.

Intag is within the limits of the most important protected area in the western Andes of Ecuador. Supporting these farmers is contributing to the conservation of the environment and the formation of sustainable agriculture. Enjoy a cup of the cloud forest and enjoy an ethical way to do business.

About The Intag
The Intag is a remote mountain valley in Northern Ecuador. The name Intag refers to an interconnected series of mountain valleys in the province of Imbabura. The Intag region is on the western slopes of the Andes, and makes up a watershed. The rivers there all ultimately drain into the dense rainforest and then the Pacific Ocean. All throughout this valley, the water comes down from the mountains in crystal clear cascading streams and rivers. At the right elevation you can drink the crisp water right from the streams, before it has been touched by any human activity. The elevation is perfect for a type of tropical forest called a cloud forest, an eco-system that draws moisture from the clouds, and is perpetually lush and green. It is the last remaining coastal rainforest in Ecuador. The region straddles two of the worlds most important biological hotspots: the Tropical Andes and the Tumbes Choco-Magdalena hotspot. They have been struggling against mineral exploration for 20 years. They have created a vision of development that does not include mining. Their vision includes a healthy environment, safe sources of water, and harmony in their communities. Instead of allowing mining companies to devastate their pristine environment, many are pursuing different methods of economic growth. They have chosen to grow organic coffee, and also have eco-tourism and many other projects.

Although they have made valiant efforts to defend the environment, they need your help. There is word that this year in September two mining companies, Codelco and Enami, will start work on two copper and gold mines in the Intag. Community activists are trying to get a 6-month moratorium on any mining, so that the local government can properly consider and take the necessary decisions. Help them keep up their fight by purchasing Cloudforest Coffee.

To learn more about the struggle in Intag, check out the website of DECOIN, an NGO started at the grassroots level by the community. DECOIN stands for Defensa y Conservacion Ecologica de Intag (Defense and Conservation of the Environement in Intag). This is their website, DECOIN.

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