Who We Are

A little about CloudForest coffee,
cooperatives, and community.

CloudForest Coffee is based in Ottawa, and our Roastery is in Hull, Quebec. We import coffee from the Intag, a beautiful valley in the Ecuadorian Andes. 

The community we source all of our coffee from, has been struggling against mineral exploration for 20 years. They have created a vision of development that does not include mining.

Their vision includes a healthy environment, safe sources of water, and harmony in their communities. Instead of allowing mining companies to devastate their pristine environment, many are pursuing different methods of economic growth. They have chosen to grow organic coffee, and we have chosen to support them on their quest.

Organic direct-trade coffee that comes from the region of Intag in the province of Imbabura, Ecuador. This specialty Arabica coffee is shade grown at high altitudes, which also makes it bird-friendly.

This tasty coffee is purchased from a farmers’ co-operative called AACRI. The cooperative was started as an alternative to mining development in the region. The community has been resisting mining companies for over twenty years. The cultivation of organic coffee provides an economic alternative to destructive mining for folks living in the region. Grown in a cloud forest valley nestled in the western slopes of the Ecuadorean Andes, it has a totally unique taste. You can place an order and have coffee delivered to your home or business. Delivery is free if you are located in Ottawa/Hull. Let the scent of freshly roasted coffee fill the room as you brew up a cup of the CloudForest.

Support this community of farmers in their quest for sustainability and environmental justice and enjoy a wonderful Ecuadorian coffee!

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Coffee Roast Profiles

Yup. We have 5.
When we create a coffee blend,
we perfect it 200 times to make it right.


Family Farms

CloudForest helps support families by working with our farmer-owned cooperative. Cultivating sustainable practices ensures quality coffee.



We may be small, but we are mighty. We aim to grow slowly to limit our environmental footprint and protect our farmers.